The Billiard Room of Jean-Jacques

The Billiard Room of Jean-Jacques


18 The Billiard-Room of Jean-Jacques. RHUM/WOOD. Jean-Jacques is a dear friend living in Britany in a great house in the middle of nowherewith that billard-room where we spend so many nights arguing, playing, laughing…. in that warm light and a fragrance of rhum and wood….

Natural Ingredients and Origins : 
  • Olibanum - Somalia
  • Tonka - Brazil
  • Vetiver - Haïti
  • Patchouli - Indonesia
  • Texas Cedar – USA
  • Amyris – West Indies

A candle has that mystical vibe and does spread slowly and gently a scent while the room spray is so fresh and strong but for few minutes… combining the two is great… Spraying at first to fill the space with the scent and having the candle holding it for hours…

Our candles are made in France

Our wax is a mix of mineral and vegetal (sunflower and coco wax), Cotton wick

No animal derived ingredients Meeting IFRA Standards + Washington Convention / C.I.T.I.E.S Standards

Our paper boxes are 70% made of recycled paper and are 100% recyclable


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